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FlexiRemap Advantages

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FlexiRemap® Advantages

AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® software technology delivers three invaluable advantages, as listed below:


1. Avoids unnecessary I/O overhead, delivering superior storage performance

2. Provides better data protection

3. Radically extends SSD lifespan


All-flash arrays powered by FlexiRemap® technologies are great solutions for handling random writes and intensive real-world I/O workloads.


AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® software technology meets the performance demands of mission-critical applications.

High Performance

FlexiRemap® features an exclusive data remapping algorithm that specifically caters to NAND flash memory. Instead of writing the new data to the original location, AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® software technology organizes the inbound writes to sequential logical addresses. As a result, the 4KB random write performance is significantly improved, and overall is dramatically enhanced when compared to the RAID algorithm disk gymnastics.


The RAID algorithm disk gymnastics lowers the performance capability of the SSD by up to 80% and adds latency levels at each stage of RAID operation. Since RAID is unable to efficiently handle a large load of I/O requests, particularly in random write mode, storage performance suffers.

RAID also executes temporary writes before it makes a final write, which is why Flash Systems running RAID schemas are more walking than running when compared to AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® systems.


RAID schemas are not unleashing the true power of Flash Memory that lies in all SSD drives.

Enhanced Data Protection

Unlike the data redundancy of traditional RAID, AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® provides a proprietary algorithm for data protection that divides SSDs into two groups of independent drives. Data is evenly distributed across the SSDs of the two groups, with the fault tolerance of single-drive failure. If one SSD fails in an SSD group, that group will enter read-only mode to avoid the heavy loading of further writes, decreasing the chance of failure of a second drive in the same group.


AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® prevents data corruption by avoiding I/O writes to the group with the failed SSD.

Extended SSD Lifespan

Unlike HDDs, SSDs have a limited number of program-erase (P/E) cycles. Frequent programming to a particular SSD often leads to bad blocks and shortens the lifespan of the SSD.


The Global wear leveling algorithm in AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® guarantees that data is evenly distributed across each SSD in every group.


When new data is rewritten to the storage system, FlexiRemap® ensures that each SSD stores a similar amount of data; evenly distributed data across SSDs in groups extends SSD endurance and boosts performance by removing bottlenecks and delivering superior efficiency.

Download FlexiRemap® Technology Brief