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AccelStor Software Features

One of AccelStor’s chief goals is to provide abundant software tools that provide significant advantages while preserving the integrity of all-flash-array performance. NeoSapphire™ all-flash arrays offer a variety of such tools for advanced data protection, increasing storage capacity efficiency, and enhancing performance in virtualization environments. NeoSapphire™ software also helps to streamline management efforts and lower TCO. AccelStor’s powerful yet user-friendly NeoSapphire™ all-flash arrays deliver the agility businesses need to meet evolving workload demands.

FlexiDedupe™ Technology

FlexiDedupe™ offers the benefits of block-level deduplication by eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data and it is far more efficient than standard block-level deduplication. FelxiDedupe™ provides a new way of eliminating repeating data using a two-pronged approach, background deduplication and inline deduplication. Inline deduplication eliminates duplicate zeroes from the logical block address; this is done in the background without impacting system performance. Background deduplication starts by analyzing data attributes at file level to identify the similarity of various attributes within the file before it dedupes the data at block level. It can intelligently locate repeating data while providing an efficient deduplication rate without requiring any further tuning.


The snapshot feature has two main purposes. The first is for backup without using equivalent disk space. This provides instantaneous point-in-time copies of data for easily recovering deleted or corrupted files from a snapshot at a given point in time. The second purpose is replication: a snapshot can become a source of replicating data to a specific target volume for testing or development. What’s more, AccelStor’s snapshot feature uses redirect-on-write snapshot, which saves the storage system two-thirds of the I/O loading as compared to copy-on-write snapshot. And, redirect on-write uses no extra computational overhead when reading a snapshot.

Snapshot Backup and Recovery

The snapshot backup and recovery features are invaluable tools for backing up snapshot images to the NFS or CIFS of another storage device, or for rolling back to data from a specific point in time. These tools protect data — and provide peace of mind.

Remote Replication

Remote replication, a data replication feature, is also available on NeoSapphire™ all-flash arrays for off-site block-level volume and shared folder data backup and disaster recovery. Taking advantage of snapshots, the replication between two NeoSapphires™ uses an iSCSI connection to securely replicate data at the block level from one site to another. A protection mechanism is also implemented on the target side to ensure data consistency between the source and target volumes even during the replication process. For traffic shaping and control, replication tasks can be scheduled to work on an incremental basis after the first full copy is completed. This means that in the event of a storage failure, data can be retrieved from a remote site with minimal data loss or service downtime.


Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) is a hardware-based whole-disk encryption technology. FlexiRemap® supports the use of SED SSD’s, utilizing the hardware based engine to ensure data protection at rest without a performance penalty. IT administrators can easily deploy AccelStor’s SED-ready all-flash array and upgrade their storage security to fulfill enterprise and government regulations or policies.

Free Clone

A capacity efficiency technology developed by AccelStor, Free Clone lets IT administrators quickly deploy several cloned volumes in virtualization or physical environments, enhancing system management and overall productivity. The key advantage of Free Clone is that cloned volumes do not occupy physical capacity, but instead use pointer links to the original volume, which means great savings in terms of both storage space and cost.


To enhance the storage performance in a VMware integrated environment, the NeoSapphire™ series supports the popular VAAI feature from VMware. By offloading the unnecessary traffic in-between the hosts and storage, VAAI increases the storage and networking efficiency, and frees up resources in a busy production environment. Common VMware clone/migration operations that usually take time and occupy host resources greatly benefit from the VAAI integration, making the support of VAAI an indispensable software feature in modern virtualization environment.

Simplified Virtualization

AccelStor provides seamless storage solutions for virtualization environments, especially for the VMware platform. NeoSapphire™ Professional all-flash arrays offload storage operations by using VAAI (VMware vSphere Storage APIs) block implementation, providing an optimized user experience under VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) applications. AccelStor has developed a NeoSapphire™ management plug-in for the VMware vSphere® Web Client with which hypervisors can perform NeoSapphire™ volume management tasks. This plug-in is a very handy tool for virtualization users.

Thin Provisioning

Enterprises always seek solutions to maximize utilization of storage space. Thin provisioning employs virtualization technology to provide storage on-demand and create an illusion of more physical resources than are actually available. AccelStor’s thin provisioning supports on-demand-allocation and over-subscription, allowing space to be easily allocated to servers on a just-enough and just-in-time basis. This helps IT staff enhance storage efficiency while lowering enterprise TCO.

Thick Provisioning

In virtual storage, thick provisioning is a type of storage allocation in which the amount of storage capacity on a disk is pre-allocated on physical storage at the time the disk is created. The disk can reserve a certain amount of storage space for specific usage in the future.


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