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Why AccelStor?

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AccelStor is an excellent solution for…

Enhancing your IT Infrastructure for optimal performance

Building a software-based storage appliance with sub-millisecond performance and solid reliability

Speeding up your application workload in virtual machines

Lowering your OPEX and CAPEX with cost-effective storage and long-lasting SSDs

Why AccelStor is your best choice

High Performance

Powered by our exclusive FlexiRemap flash memory management technology, AccelStor’s NeoSapphire’s flagship all-flash array model can deliver up to 700K IOPS at predictable response times under 1ms for 4KB random writes. This model is suitable for processing huge volumes of data instantly, such as heavy loads of parallel mathematical calculations, boot storms under VDI applications, and big-data analysis. Plus, this technology intelligently transforms random to sequential writes, further accelerating data access and boosting performance. Under AccelStor’s lab testing, compared with conventional RAID algorithms the AccelStor AFA system powered by FlexiRemap can achieve up to 1M IOPS which, is 13 times faster than RAID. NeoSapphire AFAs, available in standalone rack-mount form factors, reach the highest performance tier for enterprise and datacenter requirements.

Dependable Data Protection

Unlike the data redundancy of conventional RAID, FlexiRemap provides a 2(N+1) proprietary algorithm that allows one SSD failure for each group without data loss. This algorithm divides SSDs into two groups of independent drives; data is evenly distributed across SSDs of the two groups, with the fault tolerance of single-drive failure. If one drive fails, that group enters read-only mode and all data access is forwarded to the other groups, ensuring that the overall system keeps running. This algorithm assures data integrity and power-loss data protection. The system also reduces RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) to meet enterprise demands.

Software-Defined Approach

AccelStor’s software-defined approach breaks the barriers between the network, computing, and storage. With everything built on a software platform, IT staff can manage all resources flexibly and easily. AccelStor has adopted this approach to create our NeoSapphire all-flash array series, making it an excellent solution for all kinds of storage scenarios, from designers with heavy loads of media and video streaming to enterprises that perform intensive big-data analysis. The NeoSapphire series can help IT managers to automate service and improve on the infrastructure they already have in place.

Extended SSD Longevity and Low TCO

All SSDs, including those that are enterprise-grade, have a limited number of program and erase cycles. Healthy management of write activity is also crucial, as it affects SSD lifespan and IT expense. AccelStor’s FlexiRemap flash memory management technology not only enhances the performance of storage arrays, but also avoids unnecessary I/O overhead, which can cause SSDs to deteriorate. In addition, with FlexiRemap technology, data is written onto each SSD evenly to prevent premature wear from overuse. These benefits aide in system maintenance and budget control. SSDs also consume half to one-third the electrical power of HDDs, for better energy efficiency, and latency can be as low as one fiftieth as compared to HDDs, improving performance. In sum, AccelStor all-flash arrays with FlexiRemap technology form the optimal solution for great system performance and low TCO.

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