AccelStor’s All-Flash Arrays to Power IoT Applications at Computex 2016

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May 25, 2016 – Taipei, Taiwan – AccelStor, the software-defined all-flash array provider, will be showcasing four NeoSapphire all-flash arrays at Computex 2016 with a focus on supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The display will include AccelStor’s latest high-availability model, the NeoSapphire 3706 family, the NeoSapphire 3611, a high-density Fibre Channel array that just launched earlier this month, the flagship high-capacity and high-performance NeoSapphire 3413, and the high-speed InfiniBand model, NeoSapphire 3505.

“With the explosive growth we’re beginning to see for the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, the demand for extremely rapid random access to small blocks of data from many sources is becoming a serious bottleneck that’s limiting the performance of entire systems,” said Dr. Weafon Tsao, Vice President of AccelStor. “All-flash arrays, combined with advanced technologies like AccelStor’s FlexiRemap, are the key to removing this bottleneck, and with the variety of connectivity protocols in our portfolio, we offer a solution that can quickly and easily be dropped in to help bring existing infrastructure up-to-date. We invite our friends and potential partners to see the benefits for themselves at Computex, where we’ll be providing live demonstration of the NeoSapphire 3706, as well as showing other key products for all storage market sectors.”

AccelStor’s products and technology will be displayed at Booth J0218, on the first floor of the Taipei World Trade Center’s Nangang Exhibition Hall, in Nangang, Taipei, Taiwan, from May 31 to June 4, 2016.

NeoSapphire 3706
The high-availability model, NeoSapphire 3706, offers outstanding reliability and fault tolerance with almost zero downtime, thanks to its shared-nothing architecture with two complete nodes in a single appliance, which ensures there’s no single point of failure. Despite being described as “high-availability, " many competing products have only one shared data storage – if this single unit fails, then the entire device is offline. However, in the NeoSapphire 3706, each node is a complete system comprising both controller and data storage, so failure at a single node will not knock the NeoSapphire 3706 offline. The nodes communicate with each other via a high-speed, low-latency InfiniBand interlink. The NeoSapphire 3706 uses an active-active design: both nodes operate simultaneously, so if one node fails, the other takes over its tasks immediately, and there is almost zero downtime.

The unique design of AccelStor’s high-availability extension software, along with the underlying low-latency InfiniBand interlink, enables unprecedented efficiency of information exchange between the two nodes, even under a massive random I/O workload. Incoming data is safely preserved on both nodes through real-time data synchronization. Powered by AccelStor FlexiRemap software technology, both models provide data protection through redundancy and deliver a high performance of 320K IOPS for 4KB random writes. The NeoSapphire 3706 is available in two variants: the NeoSapphire 3706-FS1, with 16G Fibre Channel connectivity, and the NeoSapphire 3706-ES1, with standard iSCSI over 10GbE. Evaluation samples of the NeoSapphire 3706 family are now available, and a formal launch date is set in Q3 2016.

NeoSapphire 3611
Showing for the first time at a public trade show, the NeoSapphire 3611’s high-density design provides space for 20 hot-swappable SSDs and up to 11TB of usable capacity in a compact 1U rack space with two redundant, hot-swappable power supply units. It offers up to 360K sustained IOPS for 4KB random writes over its dual-port 16G Fibre Channel connection. Fibre Channel’s low latency and high reliability make the new NeoSapphire 3611 suitable for demanding, time-critical applications, including banking, finance, and media production.

NeoSapphire 3413
AccelStor’s flagship NeoSapphire 3413 offers the highest IOPS of the NeoSapphire series, an outstanding 600K for 4KB random writes. This 2U rack-mount array delivers strong storage performance with iSCSI over 10GbE connectivity and excels with up to 13TB of usable capacity. The NeoSapphire 3413 is the only standalone, single-unit storage appliance that achieves this level of performance with mainstream 10GbE connectivity.

NeoSapphire 3505
The NeoSapphire 3505 is a slim 1U rack-mount flash appliance with 10 hot-swappable SSDs and offers 500K sustained IOPS for 4KB random writes. The array offers up to 5TB usable storage capacity, a high-speed 56Gb/s InfiniBand connection, and is backed by dual redundant, hot-swappable power supply units.

Performance, Reliability, and Fault Tolerance
AccelStor provides reliability-enhancing features such as hot-swappable drives and dual hot-swappable redundant PSUs, plus the exclusive performance-boosting FlexiRemap technology across its product range. To learn more about FlexiRemap technology.

For more product details and specifications, please visit the respective product pages for the NeoSapphire range.

About AccelStor
AccelStor is accelerating the paradigm shift from conventional disk arrays to modern all-flash storage. AccelStor's NeoSapphire series all-flash arrays, powered by FlexiRemap software technology, deliver sustained high IOPS to business-critical applications. With standard rack-mount form factors, streamlined storage management, multi-protocol support, and front-accessible and hot-swappable drives, NeoSapphire promises to resolve the performance bottlenecks for I/O-intensive applications like virtualization, high-performance computing, database, and media-processing applications. For more information about AccelStor and NeoSapphire, please visit


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