Expansion Cabinet

NeoSapphire J212

With online capacity expansion technology, AccelStor NeoSapphire AFAs can allow users to expand storage capacity based on IT infrastructure according to their requirements. The expansion cabinets are available in 2U 24-bay and 4U 72-bay form factors, providing excellent options for a diverse range of environments, budgets and future capacity requirements. AccelStor’s expansion cabinets deliver extra high-speed connectivity to all NeoSaphire head units via 12Gb/s SAS to maintain SSD performance across the cabinets. The design can save physical space and reduce power consumption due to its high-density design.

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    High-Speed 12Gb/s SAS Expansion Connectivity

    AccelStor’s expansion cabinet enables an immediate massive expansion capacity to complement the NeoSapphire product range, utilizing fast and reliable enterprise-class 12Gb/s SAS, which provides data transmission with high bandwidth and low latency to fulfill overall SSD group performance requirements.

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    Ultra-Dense Expansion Cabinet Design

    Available in 2U 24-bay and 4U 72-bay high-density form factors, AccelStor’s expansion cabinet maximizes floor space utilization in your data center. Storage configuration becomes simple and allows users to flexibly plan their space and reduce power consumption, ensuring a lower TCO.

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    Worry-Free Expansion Solution

    AccelStor’s expansion cabinet can offer users additional data capacity to store more data, avoiding downtime due to lack of capacity.

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    Online Capacity Expansion Technology

    The most important consideration when adding external expansion cabinets is related to downtime. AccelStor offers efficient and simple online capacity expansion technology that allows users to expand capacity via additional expansion cabinets without production downtime.

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