AccelStor’s Five Advantages in Database Application

  • High Performance
    High Performance

    Excellent performance with >2300k on average online transaction volume each minute

  • 2021123010331288
    High Availability without Downtime

    AccelStor's symmetric active-active high-availability architecture can be used with Oracle RAC or cluster architecture, further ensuring the high availability of user data.

  • 2022112907402462
    Data Reduction

    AccelStor’s AFAs support default inline and background deduplication in off-peak hours, providing a good reduction effect while decreasing the cost.

  • 2021123010332749
    Lower Maintenance Cost

    Ultra-low power consumption and long SSD lifespan effectively decrease operation and maintenance costs.

  • 2021123010333369
    Easy to Deploy

    A standard web management interface that is easy to use can facilitate users’ deployment of various databases.

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