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EasyUse Uses NeoSapphire All-Flash Arrays to Increase Customer Satisfaction, System Performance and Service Efficiency

AccelStor has successfully resolved the issues faced by systems that need to read and write large amounts of data quickly. AccelStor has also reduced high system expansion costs, making its products a win-win choice.– EasyUse Digital Technology CEO Winfred Chen


• AccelStor NeoSapphire products have more than quadrupled system performance
• System performance has been increased significantly, while the costs of purchasing and maintaining hardware have been reduced


EasyUse Digital Technology develops enterprise applications and analysis systems that deliver integrated cross-platform services. A premier EasyUse product is the BillHunter electronic billing solution—the most comprehensive and widely used electronic billing solution in Taiwan.


With the arrival of big data, many of EasyUse’s corporate clients want value-added services that target consumer needs and behavior, such as more personalized financial information in electronic bills. Offering more information means larger billing files, however, which slows down processing times; hence, the BillHunter system must process increasingly larger amounts of information faster than ever.


To address this challenge, EasyUse added encoder servers to increase the number of bills that could be processed simultaneously. However, analysis of the resource usage of each encoder system revealed that the bottleneck was in storage performance, not the CPU. An I/O acceleration solution was needed to maximize software and hardware efficiency.


To resolve this issue, EasyUse incoporated the NeoSapphire 3401 All-Flash Array (NS3401) and NeoSapphire 3405 All-Flash Array (NS3405) from AccelStor into its BillHunter product. These feature high performance and high IOPS: the NS3401 can reach 300K IOPS, and the NS3405 360K IOPS. These storage arrays support 10GbE network connectivity, so they connect easily to EasyUse product systems (Figure 1).


Before the adoption of AccelStor products, scaling out the composition and dispatch of large quantities of e-mail was achieved by increasing the number of encoder/sender servers. But once AccelStor products were adopted, the full power of the CPU and hardware was unleashed. Only one high-spec encoder server matched with one NeoSapphire All-Flash Array is needed to generate huge amounts of billing data.


The most obvious benefit from the introduction of the NeoSapphire All-Flash Arrays was a significant boost in system performance. All-flash arrays offer superior IOPS performance compared to conventional hard disk arrays. A high level of storage performance can also be maintained for long periods of time, to handle large amounts of system read/write operations. The adoption of the NS3401 enables more than quadrupled system performance, so EasyUse can now process far more transactions and customer data in the same amount of time.

After EasyUse started using the NS3401 and NS3405 from AccelStor, rapidly reading and writing large amounts of data was no longer a problem. Plus, the costs associated with adding more encoder servers were also reduced.

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